Let’s start with what you won’t find here. There will be no judgments, no “shoulds,” no beating ourselves up, and no perfection.

What you will find here is space and encouragement to be kind and compassionate with ourselves. There will be ideas you can do right now to treat yourself well. There will be plans for bigger ways to show yourself some love. There will be humor and some curse words. There will be ownership of failures and celebrations of kick-ass successes (e.g. A full week of daily self care? I’ll drink to that!). Mostly, there will be small and beautiful things I’m doing each day to treat myself well. And I hope you’ll find them useful and helpful and that they make you feel special and know that you’re important.

Each small and beautiful thing has its own page, including a brief description of what I’m doing to treat myself well. Something I’ve done, something I’ve made, something I’ve eaten, some words I’ve read or said, some thoughts I had, something someone said to me … Anything that feels like it makes sense on this path along the way to daily self-care and compassion.

Plus, I’ll sometimes include some ‘oh damn that’s good, I’d like a little more, please’ resources—links to books, gear, longer practices, deeper understanding, etc.—so you can dig a little deeper if something really speaks to you.

All small and beautiful things are categorized at the top of each page, so you can jump to exactly what your body and soul need at that moment.

The idea is that you can pop by at any time and find a quick-hit way to tell yourself—even just for a tiny moment—that you are worth that moment.

The bigger idea is that, by taking a little time each day to do something good for ourselves, soon our lives will be filled with those beautiful moments, and doing them will be second nature.

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