what is this?

So what’s this self-care coaching stuff all about?

Let’s start with what it’s not about.

This is a safe place: there will be no judgments, no “shoulds,” and no beating ourselves up, because: 1) you are perfect exactly as you are and  2) you are exactly where you are supposed to be. (Work with me and you’ll hear this often. These are among my fundamental beliefs, and I readily admit, it took me a long time to believe them.)

What you will find here is space and encouragement to be kind and compassionate with yourself every damn day and the motivation and support to change up the way you’re doing things, so the life you’re living looks a lot more like the one you’ve been imagining.

  • There will be ideas you can do right this very minute to treat yourself well.
  • There will be opportunities for major perspective shifts—chances for you to step into a life where taking care of yourself is the priority, instead of the after thought.
  • There will be humor and some curse words.
  • There will be acknowledgement that our most meaningful growth often comes out of our most difficult transitions.
  • And there will be celebrations of kick-ass successes (A full week of daily self care? I’ll toast to that!).

When you’re ready to commit to planning your beautiful life, schedule a quick, free call with me, to learn more about self-care coaching. I’d love to work with you directly to identify what it is you’re craving in your life … and help you create a path to get there.

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