om nama shiva meditation shawl

I may have mentioned once or twice that I live in the mountains, where it’s cold 11 months out of the year. When you add to this highly inefficient electric home heating and my early morning meditation practice, it generally leads to me either shivering on the mat while covered in a dingy fleece blanket or, ahem, staying in my warm ass bed and deciding my meditation practice can wait. Since I’ve come to recognize that my practice is far better for my self care than playing Candy Crush under the covers for half an hour in the a.m., I’ve begun motivating myself with beautiful shawls to keep me warm(er) and feeling kind of pretty. This all-cotton prayer shawl comes in 10 colors (I have purple) and is inexpensive enough to justify buying more than one. Take that, 40-degree July mornings.

Get yours: $15;

Please read my thoughts and disclaimers on shopping as self care.