how can i help?

Neglecting to take good care of ourselves is one of those things most of us are truly experts at. But, why is that? Why can we know the importance of self care and still just never get around to doing it?

The thing is, as women, we’re biologically driven to take care of others. (And, biologically, that’s a really good thing, since that adorable, screaming baby really needs someone to take care of them.) The trouble is, when we’re very good at taking care of others, our own needs very easily fall to the bottom of the priority list, because there’s always someone or something else that needs taken care of. So, here we are feeling like: “I’m an expert at taking care of people and, oh by the way, it’s my biological job, so let me get to work!” But that job could literally be never-ending, if we let it, because when you’re a carer, it’s EASY to find things that need to be taken care of. And, when you’re a really good carer, everyone loves being taken care of by you! You’re like the Oscar winner of taking care of people and you have tons of adoring fans. It’s an awesome feeling! But it’s also the perfect path to depleting ourselves.


So, how can I help you?
On this site

For me, taking good care of myself has to happen with ease, or I simply don’t get around to doing it. This is especially so when you’re just starting to make yourself a priority and ease yourself into the idea that it’s okay for you to come first sometimes. So, I like to keep things as accessible and doable as possible. To that end, I’ve set out to create a library of small and beautiful ways to take good care of yourself right here on this site. They’re things I do, use, or make. Things that make me feel special and cared for. And things that I hope will inspire you to take care of yourself, as well. 

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In our sessions

Ready for a more personal, tailored approach to getting at that life you want to be living? I offer one-to-one self-care coaching to help perennial women transition through inevitable life shifts—perimenopause and menopause, empty nesting, big moves, and career changes—to help you bloom into the life you want to be living. You have spent most of your adult life identifying primarily as “mom,” taking care of of everyone around you, and something is calling you to figure out what it is you want and need, so you can start taking care of yourself. We’ll work together, bringing my training, unique perspective, and life experiences to the table alongside your brilliance, knowledge of self, and out-and-out magic to help you create the change you’re looking for and to get you moving toward that beautiful life you’re envisioning. I’ll support you as a thought partner, soul sister, cheerleader, and champion as you become thoughtful about what you’re truly craving, and deliberate about how you’ll claim it. Sound interesting? Schedule a quick, free call with me to learn more about what it’s all about and to experience for yourself how it works.

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