drink water

Full confession: I hate drinking water. Like, hate it, hate it. And it doesn’t help that I have a retired soldier husband who is constantly reminding me to drink more water, because: a) don’t tell me what to do and b) I’m not dehydrated. Except, I probably am, so there’s that. Today I downed nearly a full gallon (!) without too much effort at all. Here’s how I did it:

Fill a pitcher or a large water bottle with water and ice. Top it with slices of fresh fruit … lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, melon … whatever you’ve got. Drink up and be conscious about it. Remind yourself with each glass that you’re feeding your body well (and maybe do the same during each of your 87 trips to the bathroom today).

This obviously isn’t a new or innovative concept, but as much as the concept of fruit-infused water is old as the hills, if I’m not ever doing it, it feels fresh to me every time I do, so I’m drinking to that.

Want to get fancy? 

I’m a little bit in love with big ice … and these spherical ice molds.